First we’d like to thank you for helping support the project.

Thank you to the Arts Council Santa Cruz County and the Puffin Foundation for 2017 grants to support the project. Thanks to our Official Engine Provider Mercury Marine.

Thank you to the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA) for a 2015 grant to support the project. Thanks to UC Santa Cruz Art Division Dean Bill Ladusaw for a Dean’s Excellence Award.

Thanks to all the many friends who helped with the project financially, conceptually, and physically over many weekends spent building the shantyboat. Thanks to Lawrence and Dorothy Manzo for offering to host the boat while it was being built and for extending that offer as the shantyboat build turned into the Secret History project. Thanks to Alex Barangan, Lisa Barangan, and Stephen Grillos for continuing to host the boat among the redwoods. Thanks to James Burgess, Lauren Benz, and Stacey Marie Garcia for help working on the boat.

Particular thanks to Kai Dalgleish for not only crewing on the boat during summer fieldwork 2014, but for untold days and days of work on the shantyboat and for sharing my aesthetic vision. Your technical know-how was invaluable and the project could not have happened without you.

Thanks also to Jeremiah Daniels for crewing on the boat every expedition, continuing support, helping organize difficult tasks, and rescuing us during various cross-country breakdowns. Thanks to all the crew of the Shantyboat Dotty who’ve braved the perilous hazards, sun, mosquitos, and White Russians on the shantyboat during summer expeditions.

Thank you to Alex Stevens, Shanai Matteson, John Sullivan, and Sara Lubinski who served as “connectors” directly or indirectly to dozens of people in their areas as we moved down the river.

Thank you to the National Park Service, Minnesota History Center, Works Progress Studio, National Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque Iowa, Knoxville Museum of Art, Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts in Florence Alabama, the Paducah Kentucky Arts Alliance, and the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History for art exhibitions and project funding.

Finally, tremendous thanks for all the invaluable generosity of people who allowed me, a stranger, to come into their world and conduct in-depth interviews and commit their words and images to the Secret History archive.