The Producer’s Journal: Catching up

A note about the Producer’s Journals: They make either super…

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2014-08-08 15.53.28 HDR

The Producers Journal: A Week of Amnesia and Delirium

It was a strange week of going through the motions…

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Secret History Shantyboat Exhibiting in November

At two art exhibits in November, the shantyboat will be…

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Web Development Independent Study

Looking for a talented web developer with experience creating dynamic,…

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Film and Digital Media Independent Study

This independent study provides a focused research experience as we…

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A Secret History Expeditions

An interactive map of the Secret History expedition.

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How You Can Help

We’re scrambling to get the trip together by July, including making…

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In no particular order, here is an ever-growing list of…

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Shantyboat and river history library

A River Reading List

Here are materials we consider critical to our growing River People Library:…

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The Shantyboat

A shantyboat is a small crude houseboat. There is a…

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2006 Punk Rafting 115

Time is an Enormous, Long River

Time is an enormous, long river, and I’m standing in…

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Mississippi River Map


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Howard Zinn, 1922-2010

A People’s River History

Secret History seeks to examine both the historical context of…

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Family on front porch of houseboat on river in Charleston, West Virginia-1938


There is a long forgotten history in America of people…

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Sylvia Bensen on the Willamette River

The Forgotten River

The river. The forgotten waterways that flow through most towns,…

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In 2005, I set out on a punk rafting journey,…

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Punk Rafting Trip on the Mississippi

A Secret History of American River People

Secret History is an ongoing research effort to discover, present,…

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A houseboat moored along the Mississippi River

Secret History Blog

An online journal in which we chronicle the Secret History…

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Watching the sternwheel steamboat pass2

Invisible Stories

While much has been written about the immigrant experience in…

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Wes Modes builds the Secret History Shantyboat

The Project

Secret History is a on-gong research effort to discover and…

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