24 Hours

Tomorrow morning early we pull out of Santa Cruz towing the shantyboat. The journey has not yet begun, yet I’m so tired I could lay down my paintbrush and take a nap right now.


This kind of tiredness is big the kind of tired fixed with a night’s rest, but the kind of tired from being overstimulated for about nine months. Perhaps this contributed to a near miss I had yesterday with my circ saw. Eh, no big deal. There’s no important arteries there, right?

For me at least, i’m leaving home for three months, and so I’m not only preparing for the trip, but packing up my life to make room for George who’s subletting my room.

There are so many things we are doing here at the last minute that should’ve been done weeks ago. But with all the other other things that needed to be done, we didn’t have time.

We’ll be driving in shifts, in order to make good time to Minneapolis, stopping in Cheyenne Wyoming to drop off Daniella who’s on a journey to shoe horses in Colorado.

See you on the road.

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