Odds and Ends We Still Need

Three days and counting.


Here are a few odds and ends we still looking for:

  1. Parking. We still need a safe place to park the truck and trailer while we are on the river. Preferably in or very near Minneapolis or St. Paul. We will come get it in a month or so.
  2. Your local paper. I need to send out press releases to let people know we are coming down their river and that we come in peace and want to talk. If you live along the Upper Mississippi, what local papers do you read?
  3. A portable USB scanner. I need a small scanner to image photos and documents from the people I am interviewing.
  4. Boat insurance. This is surprisingly hard to get for a home-built wooden-hulled houseboat. The arguments about the historical significance of shantyboats seem unable to sway intractable insurance agents. If you know where I can insure the Secret History shantyboat, please tell.
  5. Old folks. I’d love to talk to an older generation who may still remember communities of shantyboaters living on the river. So far I’ve met awesome young and not-so-young folks with amazing stories, but if you know elders whose memories go way back, please put me in touch.

Have any of these things, or leads?  Contact us lightening quick.

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