Readying Shantyboat and Other Trip Details

So while the Kickstarter has been doing its thing and we’ve been trying to promote it and talk you into sharing it with your friends, family, strangers, etc. (It’s not too late!) we’ve been hard at work making sure the expedition will be successful.

Every weekend for the last several months Jeremiah, James and I have been meeting to work on the shantyboat. We rewired our new motor Freddie. We have been running steering, throttle, shifter, and electrical cables for the new motor so we can steer it from the front of the cabin (rather than steering blind from the stern). James has become obsessed with how the new starting battery will share juice with the old marine battery.

We’ve been sealing up cracks and fixing stuff that has knocked loose in the shantyboat’s last 4000 miles. We created a better system for keeping stuff on the shelves so the boat doesn’t look like it has been tossed by robbers every time we stop. We fixed the water pump so we can finally wash those dishes. We drank a good bit of beer while we were doing all that.

Meanwhile on top of completing my MFA thesis, I’ve been replacing the AV equipment I’ve previously been borrowing from my grad program. I’ve also been working on all the logistical stuff. Interviews, grants, exhibition details, and importantly buying a truck to haul the shantyboat. If I get a car loan, does that mean I’m a grown-up?

Jeremiah and I did a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything this morning. It is like a geeky internet Q&A. You can check that out here.

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