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We could use your financial support.

The shantyboat journey is only a small part of this project. Over the next nine months, I will be creating micro-documentaries, building the Secret History research archive and the web index into the project, showing the shantyboat and its archive at galleries and museums, and preparing for next year’s expedition.

So as the shantyboat goes west into the sunset (literally, as we trailer it back to California), we could use your financial support if you can spare it.


We have been surprised at the numerous ways that people have supported this project, financially, emotionally, logistically, and sharing connections.

We had a successful kickstarter which covered a portion of the expected costs, like outfitting the boat and fuel. But particularly challenging were some of the sneaky show-must-go-on surprise costs. Here’s a peek:

Radiator Fix in Auburn with original tow vehicle $700
Transmission Rebuild in Salt Lake City with original tow vehicle $2800
Truck Rental Salt Lake City to Minneapolis $1800
Replacement DSLR after UCSC borrowed DSLR malfunctioned $700

For instance, right now we are in Salt Lake City preparing to return the rental truck, and hand over a huge chunk of money for the transmission rebuild on my truck, our original tow vehicle so we can return to California.


Your help would mean a lot. So far, all of the additional expenses have come out of my own pocket (a pretty shallow pocket to begin with).

So if you can afford it, we’d appreciate your contribution.

Goal: $5000 to cover additional expedition costs



If you contribute $50 or more, we’ll send you a handwritten/typed Secret History postcard.

If you contribute $100 or more, we’ll send you 6 Secret History postcards that you can send to friends.


As always, thanks for your extraordinary support for this project.



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