Secret History Trailer [VIDEO]

A collaboration between artists Wes Modes and Lauren Kincaid-Filbey, as well as the river people who have so generously offered their stories.

After 3 years of fieldwork, 1000 river miles, 15,000 road miles, 85 interviews, and now 1 month of combing the archive, and innumerable editing hours, we are extremely excited to present the new trailer.

Featuring Gerty Tonjum, Kali Arline, Louise Prondzinski, Jayanti Kyle, Art Owens, Arthur Lockwood, Karen Galema, Tim Mason, George Frye, Betty Goins, Dorris Turner, Zachary Nelson, Butch Anthony, Emma Lee Dean-Dykes Troop, Anita Cobb, and Robert Francil from Upper Mississippi River and Tennessee River communities.

Project Trailers

Here are project trailers since 2014.

Secret History 2017 Trailer by filmmaker Lauren Kincaid-Filbey featuring the voices of many of the river people we’ve interviewed.

Secret History River Life Trailer by filmmaker Monica Yap

Secret History Lyrical Trailer by filmmaker Lauren Kincaid-Filbey.


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