What the #*@&% happened?

You must hate me.

Last I left you with “Walls take shape” and then radio silence for six months.  Did I lose interest in the project? Get tragically killed by a falling jet engine?

No, I’m not dead and the project is moving along albeit a little more slowly. I started grad school. Which means that I no longer have the time for such luxuries as eating and sleeping.  However, I still spent many weekends working on the boat.

So the blog is six months behind, but the shantyboat is six months further along. Things in store for you as I update the blog, walls, windows, roof, decks, steps, doors.  Cool things like that.

So feel free to send me an email urging me along with blog posts. Here’s my commitment: For every email, I receive from a different blog reader, I will create a new shantyboat post.

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