Trouble with tows on the Ohio River

Tows on the Ohio River. People ask us all the time if tows give us any trouble. Nope. Tow skippers are some of the most professional people on the river. #tows #tugboat #towboats #ohioriver

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  1. July 8, 2019 at 9:32 am

    As a long time river runner on the Ohio. The tow boats are the least of any worries on the river. The river tow captains are the most experienced people on the river. To small boat operators, stay out of their way and give ground to them. They only have so much real control and space to run those vessels on the river. I have seen plenty of people do stupid things in and around the tows. I had a 70 foot long river going houseboat with not the best degree of control and I have had people in boats far easier to control than mine do the most stupid things in front of and near me. I didn’t have any problem sounding my boat’s very loud horn to let them know to get out of my way when their foolish actions could lead to trouble for them and me, but with my boat being so large and heavy, I was going to win and they were going to lose big time in a collision. Those river tows, they could have hit me and ground me up like sausage in a meat grinder and keep on going. With the size of most boats on the river, the river tows wouldn’t hardly know that they had hit something.

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