Way to use the riverside, Cinci

Way to use the riverside, Cinci. I wonder what was here before the swanky riverfront park and the ball park. #Ohio #OhioRiver #Riverside #Riverfront

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  1. September 19, 2019 at 9:16 am

    It was pretty rough at one time, like in the early to mid 60’s. They did have a dock back then though. There was supposed to be a new dock put in place, with the city park district having approved the project, but as of yet, that has clearly not happened. Maybe someday, we will once again get a nice dock for both transient boaters and Cincy area boaters can come dock their boats downtown and even spend some time.

    Yesterday, I was running around the Rabbit Hash area and on the Gunpowder Creek, just a few miles downriver from Rabbit Hash, I found a true modern shantyboat moored along the creek, not far further “inland” from the Ohio from where KY ST RT 338 crosses the creek. I did go into the area the boat is tied up, but no one was around.

    It is build on a steel barge hull. I guess it to be about 35′ to 40′ in length, probably with a 20′ beam. It looks really nice from the outside. I will try to find the people who own it and see if they are interested in sitting down with me to do an oral history interview about their boat and their river stories. I will keep you informed.

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