WTRF: “Shanty Boat” sails away today in Moundsville

WTRF, Marshall County, W.Va

Have you ever wandered what life was like in river communities back in the day?

If you answered yes to yourself and you want a taste of “river culture” then there’s something you need to see and it’s only in the Ohio Valley for a brief period of time.

From Friday, June 28 through Monday, July 1, there is a tiny houseboat (a.k.a “shanty boat”) docked near the Riverfront Park in Moundsville, WV.

It’s owned by Historian Wes Modes who is in town studying the social and economic impact of river communities for a project called “Secret History.”

According to www.peoplesriverhistory.us, the project hopes to uncover the social and economic impacts that river people have had on their local communities and beyond.

The shanty boat sails away on Monday. You can get a perfect shot of the shanty boat near 15th and Water Street. 

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