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Motor Well, A Mini-Project Unto Itself

Oh, the motor well.  Seems simple enough.  Build a box…

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A Big Flippin’ Deal

For months I’ve been wanting to flip the boat hull…

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Fiberglass Finish Coats

After the fill coat, the texture of the fiberglass cloth…

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Fiberglass Fill Coat

At this point, we have the fiberglass bonded to the…

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Fiberglass Bond Coat

Okay, so let’s review. Fiberglass (of more accurately glass-fiber reinforced…

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Fiberglass Seal Coat

We fretted over fiberglassing the hull so much, we put…

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Hull Finish Work (or Correcting Mistakes III)

I like to joke that I bring Old World Craftsmanship…

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Hull Ends

Oh god, at the end of every work day when…

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