Kickstarter: Just a Few Days Left and Almost There

We are trying to raise $5580 before May 31st to…

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A Tangle of Wires, Shredded Tin, and a Descent Into Madness

Just a few weeks until we leave! Aaaa! Panic! Electrical…

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shantyboat 3 guys crop

What the hell are we doing?

Well, there is some beer drinking, some power tool noises,…

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@justlikeharmony piloting the #Shantyboat through very rough seas. #river

Going Into the Third Year of This Successful Project

Thanks to you, the second year expedition of the Secret…

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Knoxville Mercury: Artist to Launch in Knoxville, Collect Stories of ‘River People’ along the Tennessee

Over the past couple of years California-based artist Wes Modes…

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California Artist Launches Tennessee River Expedition on Homemade Shantyboat

Artist raising funds for journey to collect stories of river…

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Fundraising for the Tennessee River

I’m excited to tell you that the Secret History project…

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Shantyboat Near Dubuque, Iowa [VIDEO]

Shanytboat video taken by the Open Research Buoy.

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UCSC: LASER talk to spotlight research on pumas, filmmaking, river people, and ancient DNA

Over the last few summers, inspired by historical accounts of…

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Family on Houseboat

Shanty Boat Blues [Audio]

Jimmy Murphy recorded Shanty Boat Blues sometimes in the late…

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Secret History Shantyboat near Lake Pepin 3

Minnesota Post: The 5 standout public art works of 2015

Everything on this list broadly fits into the category of…

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Betty Danger's Country Club ferris wheel, Minneapolis. Photo by Tony Webster.

A Magical Gathering of Artists

Minneapolis successfully attempts to woo us with its charms.

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An Iowa highway sunset in Terry's beater car

Farting Around Muscatine and a Sudden Road Trip

We explore small town Iowa life and take a brief…

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The Final Fate of the Shantyboat Doty and a Question

What became of us? What became of the Shantyboat Doty?…

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The Pearl Button Capital of the World

At the turn of the 20th Century, the Mississippi River…

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Mark Twain’s Favorite View of the River

In Muscatine, Iowa there is a point overlooking the river…

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A Land of Sweet Melons and Excellent Tacos

In Muscatine, I met many new friends, received generous gifts,…

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Adventures on the Other Side

In which we reveal a possible obsession with bridges to…

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Midwest Cultural Envy from a Californian

I arrive in the Quad Cities, towns with traces of…

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New Orleans Advocate: Researchers trace Mississippi River, listening and recording every trickle, gurgle and swoosh

Outside Guttenberg, Iowa, they met Wes Modes, who invited them…

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Seriously, What Have We Learned?

An excerpt from an academic journal in which I attempt…

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Muscatine Journal: California artist stops in Muscatine on river odyssey

Wes Modes, Santa Cruz, California, is on the second leg…

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Open Rivers: Knowing the Mississippi

We asked a diverse group of river people to respond…

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IMG_6846 1

You Won’t Believe what they found when they opened my outboard engine

Though stuck in this small town made famous by the…

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