California Artist Launches Tennessee River Expedition

Artist raising funds for journey to collect stories of river…

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Fundraising for the Tennessee River

I’m excited to tell you that the Secret History project…

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Shantyboat Near Dubuque, Iowa [VIDEO]

Shanytboat video taken by the Open Research Buoy.

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Family on Houseboat

Shanty Boat Blues [Audio]

Jimmy Murphy recorded Shanty Boat Blues sometimes in the late…

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Betty Danger's Country Club ferris wheel, Minneapolis. Photo by Tony Webster.

A Magical Gathering of Artists

Minneapolis successfully attempts to woo us with its charms.

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An Iowa highway sunset in Terry's beater car

Farting Around Muscatine and a Sudden Road Trip

We explore small town Iowa life and take a brief…

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The Final Fate of the Shantyboat Doty and a Question

What became of us? What became of the Shantyboat Doty?…

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The Pearl Button Capital of the World

At the turn of the 20th Century, the Mississippi River…

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Mark Twain’s Favorite View of the River

In Muscatine, Iowa there is a point overlooking the river…

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A Land of Sweet Melons and Excellent Tacos

In Muscatine, I met many new friends, received generous gifts,…

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Adventures on the Other Side

In which we reveal a possible obsession with bridges to…

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Midwest Cultural Envy from a Californian

I arrive in the Quad Cities, towns with traces of…

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Seriously, What Have We Learned?

An excerpt from an academic journal in which I attempt…

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IMG_6846 1

You Won’t Believe what they found when they opened my outboard engine

Though stuck in this small town made famous by the…

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Facing a New Day of Bad News

In which we discover that things don't look good, though…

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“How do you pay for this?”

If you have a little bit to spare, and thing…

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IMG_6794 1

A Day of Danger, A Time of Troubles

An Aggressively Friendly Man. Big Big Waves. Serious Engine Trouble.…

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Heeeello? This is Iowa

We meet an angel. We are famous. A slew of…

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Mini Stories from Clinton, Iowa

Clinton Marina History My Grandmother owed and operated the Marina…

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IMG_6516 1

A Teeny Tiny Journey Through History

It is only by the good grace of God, that…

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IMG_6411 1

Twin Towns of Gritty Charm and Regret

A reality TV star, a gay couple, a 12-year old…

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IMG_6383 1

Rumors of the Death of Drive-Ins Greatly Exagerated

While we were in Galena I got a wild hair.…

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IMG_6239 1

Life with the Party People of Galena

We came to Galena for the day and stayed for…

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The Magic of the Lock 11 Fishing Barge

Ed told us we absolutely have to go up around…

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