A Teeny Tiny Journey Through History

We stumbled into the Savanna Cultural Center. The entire second floor was taken up by an elaborate 800-square foot HO-scale train layout of a 1930s Savanna, Illinois.

Savanna Train Layout

The extensive trainset at the Savanna Cultural Center

As you probably know by now, I love tiny miniature things. I have since I was a kid. It is only by the good grace of God, that I am not holed up in a garage somewhere right now adding grimy details with a double ought paintbrush to a tiny little building of my own tiny imaginary town.

IMG_6529 1

Passenger train moves through the forests north of teeny tiny Savanna

IMG_6524 1

Teeny Savanna’s tiny scrapyard


Carpenters building tiny houses

IMG_6522 1

Tiny hobos in a teeny hobo jungle

IMG_6519 1

Waiting for tiny trains

IMG_6516 1

Teeny Savanna’s trainyard


Teeny workers working

IMG_6513 1

Betty Mom’s Bar in Teeny Savanna

IMG_6512 1

Lumbermill workers

IMG_6511 1

Passenger train station from the bridge overlooking the trainyard


Teeny newlyweds leaving town for their tiny honeymoon

IMG_6517 1

Stacey Marie Garcia monster threatens the tiny residents of teeny Savanna


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