Farting Around Muscatine and a Sudden Road Trip

Last time I gave you an update, I was in Muscatine, Iowa — the best place I’ve found to get good tacos in the midwest — and hadn’t had a ships mate since Harmony left for parts unknown.

Shantyboat near Muscatine, Iowa

Shantyboat near Muscatine, Iowa

I was in Muscatine for a good stretch, using the johnboat to explore the nearby islands. There were even some floating shanties across the river on the Illinois side.

Wes in the Donboat near Muscatine, Iowa

Wes in the johnboat near Muscatine, Iowa

Unexplained fishing shanty across the river from Muscatine
River and clouds among the islands near Muscatine

Hazel had lots of room to run around down at the docks at Muscatine.

Hazel explores the breakwater.

She even had time to explore an alternative existence as a hippo, one of the rare times she got in the river voluntarily.

Hazel the hippo.

Hazel the hippo enjoys a delightful drink from the murky Mississippi River.

During my long hiatus in Le Claire waiting for Freddie Mercury to be fixed, I found out about an art conference being held in Minneapolis, organized by my talented friends Works Progress Studio. It seemed like an amazing conference of social practice artists and a good opportunity to pick up my next ships mate. James was excited to fly in from California and meet me in Minneapolis.

So with the help of new friends in Muscatine, I shuttered the shantyboat and parked it safely in the marina there.  Jo Mason picked me up and took me all the way up to Clinton, Iowa where Terry Krause loaned me his daughter’s beater car. I bombed up to Minneapolis.

An Iowa highway sunset in Terry's beater car

An Iowa highway sunset in Terry’s beater car

Terry’s car had some interest quirks. The electrical system had been fried by a previous owner, so it could only be started by pressing a secret pushbutton. It took me a day of driving in the rain without wipers before I figure out how to work them.

Next, I’ll tell you a little bit about the conference and we can geek out about art together.


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