Shantyboat Open House

We’ll be in Minneapolis and St. Paul for at least the next four days.  In Minneapolis, we are here at Boom Island Park in the NE not too far from downtown. In St. Paul, we don’t know yet — suggestions for an easily accessible and preferably free tie-up location welcome.


Drop on by to check out the Shantyboat, share stories, and browse the growing Secret History library.

If you feel inclined, feel free to bring us a boatwarming gift, various little things we forgot to bring:

  • Dish rags and towels
  • A small maybe collapsible shovel
  • A small to medium sized cutting board
  • Fine ground gourmet coffee is always welcome
  • A dish sponge/scrubby or metal scrubby for cast iron pans
  • Disposable lighters
  • Momentary use of a battery-powered drill
  • Gallon jugs of 100% fruit juice to make hooch
  • Cold beer is always welcome.
  • Your own river stories
Kai making apple hooch aboard the shantyboat

Kai making apple hooch aboard the shantyboat


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