Shantyboat at FIGMENT Oakland [Video]

A Secret History exhibited at FIGMENT in Oakland. The shantyboat had already gone up to Oakland the previous weekend when we went to the Sacramento Delta. So it was an easier journey than it would have been hauling the boat up from the Santa Cruz Mountains.

FIGMENT is a one day art festival that brings Burning Man values of creative expression, gift economy, and participation to our urban environment. Thousands of people came to FIGMENT and trouped through the shantyboat, checking out everything including the  digital archive and the library.


For the first time at an exhibition, I invited people to write¬†their river stories. Just a little hand-written card, “GOT A RIVER STORY?”¬†I didn’t know if anyone would take the time to leave a story at an arts festival so full of interesting, engaging things to do.


People did. They left dozens and dozens of river stories which will all go into the Secret History archive.


I invited musicians at FIGMENT to use the Shantyboat as a stage. Groups large and small performed throughout the afternoon. Wildflower Orphan Train played the first set in the video above.


The New Thoreaus brought a four-piece band to the shantyboat . (Photos by Calista Chandler.)




ENE (Eugene Chen and Serene Pichotti) were an energetic duo accompanied by Ukulele





Marilyn and Rafael played a mellow set near the end of the day. Check out Marilyn’s music¬†and videos.


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