An interesting docking at Marietta tested our mettle

The public dock at Marietta is challenging. Two of the fingers point up the fast-flowing Muskingum River, tangled around the complicated currents off the railroad bridge pier.

We had to ease in backwards to ensure that we had enough control and steerage, the whole time being pulled toward the jagged snags near shore or toward the wee squeeze between the dock and the bridge pier. We made no less than ten passes.

Thanks to Ron King who offered us dockage at the public docks. Actually I owe Ron and the staff of the public docks an apology for my original cheeky post critical of the docks. They thought I was being ungrateful for their generosity. I pissed them off real good and I feel embarrassed and ashamed of my poor social filter. Turns out there is danger thinking that just because you don’t mean harm, no harm can come of what you say.

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