A Fog Brings to Mind Huck and Jim

We woke up to a foggy morning on the Mississippi. It reminded me of the dreaded fog in Huckleberry Finn that contribute to Huck and Jim missing their turn to freedom up the Ohio River.

It was a light fog, but it obscured the horizon and blended the sky and the water and made the cans and nuns appear to be floating in whitespace.


We reached Lock and Dam 5A in the fog and were locked down.


By the time we were downstream of the lock, the fog had lifted and we were in a dramatic country of high bluffs above the town of Fountain City


We were told that we had to stop at the remarkable Fortunata’s Coffee House in Fountain City. Naturally, they’d been told we were headed downriver and were already expecting us.



After a mishap with a wing dam, we made our cautious way to the back side of Latch Island in Winona. There we were met by our host Gerty who brought out his archive of crazy punk armada photos.


This is but one of many awesome photos he shared with us that will become part of the Secret History archive.


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