Electronics Are Not Waterproof (URGENT)


URGENT SITUATION: My iphone took at drink in the Mississippi River. I rely on it for all the work I do on the Secret History project (research, connections, internet connectivity, contacts, and importantly, all the photos you’ve read on this blog) and I need a replacement desperately.

Do you have an AT&T iPhone5 you are no longer using that you can express to us?

If so, call Jeremiah’s phone number 408-596-3833

Pass this on to your friends who upgrade their phone every other week.

EDIT: Do we have friends in La Crosse, WI? Looking for someone to receive an overnight parcel for the project asap.

And if you are curious: I was pushing the shantyboat off the beach in Winona standing calf deep in water. A speedboat went by and the wake pushed the shantyboat toward a dangerous snag. I took another step and hit a drop off and went down to my chest. I pulled myself up on the boat, but my wallet and phone were soaked. We did all the usual things… remove sim card, bag of rice, etc. But no dice.


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