Typical Shantyboat Questions and Answers

Within minutes of arriving at the town docks, we have visitors. Our conversations usually follow a typical pattern:

Q: Are you going all the way?

A: No, we aren’t going to New Orleans. But we have limited time on the river, so where we end up is where we end up.

Q: Did you make that yourself?

A: Yes, with the help of lots of friends.

Q: Where are you coming from?

A: Well, we are from California, but we launched in Minnesota.


Q: Really? How did you get it here?

A: We towed it here.

Q: [shakes head in disbelief] What you got under there? Pontoons?

A: It’s an actual wooden-hulled barge-bottom flatboat with fiberglass over plywood.

Q: I love your rig, man. It’s awesome.

A: Thanks.

Q: Wow, I’ve always dreamed of doing that, just floating down the river.

A: You totally should.

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