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This year, the project is exploring the rich and important American history of the Ohio River Valley touching on the the dramatic geography, the history of westward expansion and early settlements in the territory, American Indian relations and removal, self-emancipated people, abolitionists, and the Underground Railroad, river modification by the Army Corp of Engineers, the important role the Ohio River played in the Industrial Revolution, and efforts to clean up the industrial pollution of the river.

We are raising $5000 to directly support our fieldwork on the historic Ohio River.  Your support makes this happen.

Shantyboat Dotty on the Hudson River prepares to enter Manhattan

There are lots of ways to support the project so check out the website. But if you can give your financial support, every little bit helps. A road trip across North America, fieldwork on the historic Ohio River, pop-up exhibitions in Ohio River towns, and a major show in Louisville, Kentucky are all part of our ambitious plan for this year. 

Monica models the classic black Secret History T

Rewards this year include the much-sought-after Secret History T-shirt, the very last of the amazing Simowitz Woodcut Posters, selfie videos from the river, and of course, our most popular reward Drunk Postcards From the River.

Check out the campaign that has stories you might not have already heard about the project.

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