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A rustic recreated mid-century shantyboat, a series of daring river voyages, and a meticulous archive of river stories are all part of a multi-year art and history project, A Secret History of American River People. 

We are trying to raise $8000 by Saturday May 26 to collect forgotten stories along the Hudson River, and stage a major exhibition in New York City. Your support is critical.

Shantyboat under stormy skies. Photo by Adrian Nankivell

There are lots of ways to support the project so check out the website. But if you can give your financial support, every little bit helps. A road trip across North America, fieldwork on the historic Hudson River, a half dozen pop-up exhibitions and a major show in New York are all part of our ambitious plan for this year.

Thanks for making a Secret History of American River People possible.

If we don’t raise the whole amount, we get nothing. Please visit our Kickstarter.

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