Artist On Art: Wes Modes, Artist Interview

Artists on Art
by Nada Miljkovic

Artist Activist, Wes Modes came onto Artists on Art, June 18, 2014, to talk about his newest project, The Secret History of American River People, a slow meandering trip down the Mississippi in a shanty boat collecting stories. Using audio, video, and digital media, Secret History archives and presents oral histories of major American rivers, including the lost stories of river people, river communities, and the river itself, as well as the personal chronicle of his research journey. It will use digital and social media to present and connect river people and and their stories to those far from the river.

Here’s his beautiful movie describing the project.

Wes Modes is an artist activist who cofounded FreeSkool Santa Cruz, SubRosa the Anarchist Cafew, Guerilla Drive-In, & founded The Spoon, an international storyteller’s group. Wes is a radio star and writer among many other accomplishments. He is currently working on his Masters in Fine Arts at UCSC in the Digital Arts and New Media program.

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