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We Outta Here

A flurry of activity and a world of underestimation

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Okay, we’re off

After months of prep, a month-long fundraiser, weeks of long…

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The Battle Against the Ever-Growing Ever-Multiplying ToDo List Monster

Oh god. Down to a matter of hours before we…

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Preparing the Shantyboat

We've been working like mad to get the boat ready…

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A Tangle of Wires, Shredded Tin, and a Descent Into Madness

Just a few weeks until we leave! Aaaa! Panic! Electrical…

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What the hell are we doing?

Well, there is some beer drinking, some power tool noises,…

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24 Hours

Tomorrow morning early we pull out of Santa Cruz towing…

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24 Hours and Gory Details

Just 24 hours and just over $1000 to go on…

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