Okay, we’re off

After months of prep (planning started in November), a month-long fundraiser, weeks of long hard work days on the shantyboat, months of research, tons of help from from friends, and help from our sponsors (thanks, Mercury Marine and Lagunitas), we are finally off on the road toward the river.

Benzy and Hazel will be ships mates for the entire Sacramento River journey

Our first stop will be the Sacramento History Museum where we will be setting up the month-long Secret History exhibition. Visit it during July, or wait until the 19th when the boat will be there too.

From there, we head to Red Bluff at the top of the Central Valley. We’ll do any last minute prep we need and meet up with our BBC Radio 3 producer Sara Jane who will be eavesdropping on the first few days of the trip.

We’ll launch there in Red Bluff on Saturday morning with the help of Jeremiah who’s coming up to help like the hero he is.

And from there, it is just river for the next 243 miles.

Talk to you soon.

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