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Shantyboat in the Paducah Labor Day Parade. Nathan Lynn playing banjo while Wes tries to make banjo sounds that are not too disharmonious. Photo by Mitch Kimball

A Journey Home

Two weeks in Paducah and then a hellbent journey across…

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Join us for a Secret History exhibition at Kennedy Douglass…

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Two Nuns, A Gambler, and an Heiress walk onto a boat… (updated)

We’ve been the talk of the town to some degree.…

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Secret History Installation at UCSC MFA Exhibition

WTF Secret History?

Short video that explains the project and offers a tour…

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Showing Off the Shantyboat in the Twin Cities

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to exhibit twice…

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River City Revue — People of the River

Are you in or near Minneapolis? See the Secret History…

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24 Hours and Gory Details

Just 24 hours and just over $1000 to go on…

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The Producer’s Log: MFA Exhibition Reportback

Introducing Regina Ortanez who has been working as a producer…

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2015 Summer Voyage on Upper Mississippi

Starting in late June, the Secret History shantyboat will be…

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What happened to the last 5 months?

Grad school. That’s what. MFA Exhibition prep. Reading books. Production…

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Shantyboat at FIGMENT Oakland [Video]

A Secret History exhibited at FIGMENT in Oakland, a one…

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