What happened to the last 5 months?

Grad school. That’s what. MFA Exhibition prep. Reading books. Production of the Secret History web doc. Working with the production team. That’s where.


Okay, so I can take a deep breath. I just finished with the four day UCSC Digital Art and New Media MFA exhibition in which I and 11 other artists exhibited their recent work. In my case, I was exhibiting A Secret History of American River People. The shantyboat was there of course, and an art installation featuring a pier and the new jonboat, and most importantly the debut of the Secret History web documentary. The first installment of this should be released within the month.

Secret History Installation at UCSC MFA Exhibition

Secret History Installation at UCSC MFA Exhibition

So now we have about 6 weeks to finish everything we are doing here and prepare for this summer’s fieldwork. That means preparing/repairing the shantyboat, making connections, finishing the doc, prepping for three exhibitions in the Twin Cities, and another Kickstarter fundraiser for the new expedition.

But first old business: Some of you have not yet received all of your rewards from last year’s kickstarter.

Yes, we know you didn’t support the project to get stuff, but we do know that sometimes a thank you gift is enough to push someone over the edge to support something they already care about. And we wouldn’t feel right moving forward without making sure you got what we promised you, since our relationship is built on trust.

So long delayed though it may be, we are setting a deadline of two weeks from this Friday — that’s May 14th — to fulfill all of last year’s Kickstarter rewards.

Wish us luck! We’ll probably be contacting you in a little bit.


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