Shipmates Sebastian Muellauer and Monica Haller relax on a warm day on the Mississippi River near Dubuque, Iowa.

A Request to Tell a Friend or Three

Thanks for your support of A Secret History of American River People. We received a huge vote of confidence from Kickstarter when we became Friday’s Staff Pick.

The campaign started off great guns, staff pick, great video from Regina Ortinez, lots of attention, but slowing now a bit. We really want to make sure we are able to bring this project to you and others. Can we ask for a favor?

Would you mind sharing it with three friends you think would be into it, and suggest why they might support the campaign? That might help us collect the other $8000 in the next 10 days.

And since this is an opportunity to give you an update. We’ve been working hard on the shantyboat — in fact, just today, we put in cables to steer the boat from the cabin (rather than sitting out on the stern with a tiller).

We are working on the web documentary and the research archive of course, doing publicity, and prepping madly for our trip in a few weeks and our exhibitions in the Twin Cities.

You can follow our progress by signing up here.

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