Fiberglass Fill Coat

At this point, we have the fiberglass bonded to the boat with a layer of epoxy.  The texture of the cloth is still quite visible, so we have to add enough epoxy that it is invisibly hidden.

Since by now we are grizzled veterans of fiberglassing, the work was not so stressful and only required a team of two — one person to mix and deliver the epoxy to the other person who is applying it with a dense foam roller.

 We had to work quickly on a hot day to apply the epoxy before it kicked off. 

Then we went around and brushed over any drips or places where it was funky.  We had varying success preventing drips.  Later we noticed plenty of places where it required work with a sander to make sure the next coat was smooth.

Each day after we finished a fill or finish coat we were pretty sure our work was done and that the texture of the underlying cloth was invisible.

And each work day when we returned, we could still see the texture of the cloth through the previous coat.  So we were obligated to add another finish coat.  Rinse.  Repeat.

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