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Shantyboat on the Mississippi

In July, we are bringing the shantyboat across country to…

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What the #*@&% happened?

You must hate me. Last I left you with “Walls…

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Roof Rafters – The cabin takes shape

When we disassembled the Hollister chicken coop, we got a…

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Cabin Framing, More Mistakes Were Made

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s not being…

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Cabin Wall Framing. Finally.

Whew, finally. We get to constructing the cabin walls. This…

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New Boat Vocabulary Word: Coaming

One of the smarter things I’ve done on the shantyboat,…

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A Collection of Photos from a Non-Shantyboat River Float

I took a two-week break from building the shantyboat to…

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Bow Eyes and Stern Tiedowns

Sometimes little things can be a big headache. And sometimes…

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The Cabin Has a Floor

Let’s put in a floor!  This is the floor that…

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Obsessive woodworking, top side

With both decks on, I could be an obsessive woodworker…

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Installing the aft deck

I put the aft deck on. Thought you should know.…

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Motor Well, A Mini-Project Unto Itself

Oh, the motor well.  Seems simple enough.  Build a box…

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Protecting the Bilge

Water is the enemy of wood longevity. Protecting the wood…

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A Front Deck and Photos of an Adorable Puppy

First off, now that the boat is upright, I made…

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More Cabin Planning

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that one…

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A Bunch of Questions

Here’s a big pile of questions that occur to me.…

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A Big Flippin’ Deal

For months I’ve been wanting to flip the boat hull…

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Fancy Pants New Renderings

There you go. 3D rendering doesn't make anything more real,…

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Thinking About Cabin Construction

Now that the boat is ready to be flipped, I’m…

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Welding the Trailer

Timeline: Less than a week before the boat flip! The…

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And now back to the trailer

Remember the trailer? This one, the one that almost killed us?…

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The Talented Mr. Johnson

For a while now, my cousin Brian has been wanting…

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Those Troublesome Skegs, Finishing Touches

So the skegs are mounted, but the carriage bolt countersinks…

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Those Troublesome Skegs, Mistakes Were Made

So the skegs have been cut, spliced, drilled, countersunk, stained,…

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Those Troublesome Skegs, Bolt Holes and Finish

Here we drill all sorts of holes in our newly…

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Those Troublesome Skegs, Scarf Joints

I had to turn 14 foot pieces of lumber into…

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Those Troublesome Skegs, Part the First

When we built punk rafts and floated several big rivers,…

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Hull UV Protection

Fiberglass over plywood is ridiculously tough.  There are wood and…

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Fiberglass Finish Coats

After the fill coat, the texture of the fiberglass cloth…

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Fiberglass Fill Coat

At this point, we have the fiberglass bonded to the…

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Fiberglass Bond Coat

Okay, so let’s review. Fiberglass (of more accurately glass-fiber reinforced…

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