Correcting Mistakes I

Today, the chickens come home to roost.  Remember that pesky three degree error?  As we assembled each of the stringers, we could see that the pieces didn’t come together quite right.  It would have been laborious but simple enough to cut new ones, but oh no. 

I figured I could just cheat the difference on either side.  But that left an irritating overhang on the ends of the stringers.  We knew that when we put sheeting on the ends, that little overhang was going to be a problem.

So I attacked the overhang with a handsaw. 

And then a sander.

It came out looking pretty sweet. 

Three degree error erased.  Like it never occurred.  Maybe we can just forget it ever happened.  (Well, except for the blog, I guess.)

So now we put the first thin coat of epoxy on all the frames.

This prepares the way for us to start sheeting the bottom and the ends.

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