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Middle of the night truckstop shantyboat repair [VIDEO]

Middle of the night truckstop epoxy work to repair the…

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New Boat Vocabulary Word: Coaming

One of the smarter things I’ve done on the shantyboat,…

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Obsessive woodworking, top side

With both decks on, I could be an obsessive woodworker…

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Installing the aft deck

I put the aft deck on. Thought you should know.…

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Motor Well, A Mini-Project Unto Itself

Oh, the motor well.  Seems simple enough.  Build a box…

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A Front Deck and Photos of an Adorable Puppy

First off, now that the boat is upright, I made…

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Fiberglass Bond Coat

Okay, so let’s review. Fiberglass (of more accurately glass-fiber reinforced…

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Fiberglass Seal Coat

We fretted over fiberglassing the hull so much, we put…

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Hockey Puck Manufacture (or Epoxy is Stressful II)

Did I mention that epoxy is stressful?  To recap:  You…

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Hull Finish Work (or Correcting Mistakes III)

I like to joke that I bring Old World Craftsmanship…

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Hull Ends

Oh god, at the end of every work day when…

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Sheeting the Hull

It looks easy, right?  What could go wrong?  Four rectangular…

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Correcting Mistakes I

Today, the chickens come home to roost.  Remember that pesky…

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Side Stringers

The side stringers are the sides of the boat.  So…

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Keel and Skeg Stringers

It most conventionally built wooden boats, the frames refer to…

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Epoxy is Stressful

You know the scene at the end of any action…

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