Fiberglass Finish Coats

After the fill coat, the texture of the fiberglass cloth was still visible, so we embarked on a series of finish coats. 

I think we finally put three more coats on after the fill coat.  The Finish Coat, the Aren’t We Done Yet Coat, and the Good Lord Please Let This Be The Last Coat. 

I took a moment to pose proudly with my dense foam roller in my work clothes now almost completely rigid from layers of spilled epoxy.

Between layers, we attacked the bumps, bubbles, drips, and encapsulated bugs with an orbital sander and sandpaper.

And each layer was smoother and more handsome than the last.

Until finally…

 We had something that looked purdy fancy and shiny.

 Whew.  Finally.

And so we could set aside the epoxy for a while.  We thought we wouldn’t need it again until we do the upper decks after the boat is flipped.  (However, we needed epoxy to do a “scarf joint” on the skegs, so stay tuned for that.)

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