Working Working Working

Hi, just a quickie.

Less than two weeks before we launch. Sweet Jesus. We’ve been doing a ton of work and there is still a ton of work to do. Here’s an update on stuff done:

  • participated in the Felton Remembers parade. We were the Jug-Swiggin’ Shantyboat Moonshiners. FACT: It is fun to huck candy at children.
  • exhibited at Ebb & Flow Art & River Celebration in Santa Cruz

  • completed and tested new fresh water system (woot. no more leaky unreliable hand pump)

  • installed new battery shut off (no more running out of juice when we are not using the battery)
  • installed nifty keepers on all the shelves so shit doesn’t rain down upon us every time we hit turbulence

  • fiberglassed the corners of the boat where various rubbing and collisions had left the wood exposed
  • most importantly, we removed Freddy’s old cables in preparation for the new motor.

Okay, I’ll try and send another update soon.

Thanks again for your support and making the Kickstarter successful!

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