Film and Digital Media Independent Study

With a Graduate Student in the UCSC Digital Art and New Media Program

Are you a film and video student with experience creating dynamic and interesting content? You will be earning units and experience with video and technology while working on a great team of talented producers.


The Secret History of American River People presents oral histories of major American rivers, including the lost stories of river people, river communities, and the river itself, as well as the personal chronicle of my research journey. It will use digital and social media to present and connect river people and and their stories to those far from the river.  Please check out the project at
Inset Interview Portraits
This 5- or 2-unit independent study provides a focused research experience as we analyze the Secret History archive from a post-modern historical standpoint and present the archive through film/video and new media.

Good teamwork, enthusiasm, and communication are essential. Everyone will be considered, and if you have experience with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, web technologies, or telling stories it will serve you well.

Working as a team in an interdisciplinary environment, students will work closely with the grad student to catalog, edit video, audio, and text, and create web content resulting in a new media work presenting the Secret History archive. Students are encouraged to bring diverse interests and skills, as each team member will uniquely contribute to the final product, including video production experience, drawing, web development, new media development, historical research, library science, and project management.

Please send the following to Wes Modes at

  1. a letter of interest
  2. what draws you to the project, and
  3. a summary of your relevant experience

Thanks for considering being part of the team to produce this important work.

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